Greystar consistently, ruthlessly, and with an appalling indifference to any ethical or moral values, victimizes tenants through out these United States for filthy profits, preying on middle to lower income families. Please see “Victimized by Fountain Plaza Apartments”, to see for yourself “. This is just one example among the hundreds of the properties where they prey on the less fortunate to feed their ever- growing lust and greed for money and power! You could have been, or may be, (or your children) one of these victims! Speak out!

Although SeaSol’s fight with Greystar, over their attempt to rob some of our members, ended in victory in August 2015, Greystar continues to prey upon thousands of tenants throughout the U.S. This is the story of another Greystar tenant, in her own words: I moved in to Oceano Warner Center after being lied to that this was […]

via Another Greystar Victim — Avoid Greystar Real Estate Management Properties


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